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Residential Buildings 


Having dedicated multi-disciplines resources with decades of experience in residential building projects enabled us to act as a Prime Consultant for your      residential building projects. We believe close inter-disciplines interactions is required to deliver the successful project and that’s why we are here. Whether it’s a single-family house renovation or high-rise full upgrade, we are available to provide you Prime Consultant Design services which includes:

  • Building Envelope / Architect design including roof replacement

  • Geotechnical investigation

  • Electrical Upgrade including Electrification Opportunity Assessment 

  • Mechanical Upgrade / ASHRAE Level 2 Audit

  • Elevator Modernization

  • Field Evaluation and Detailed Condition Assessment

  • Permitting

In addition to above services and to be aligned with Government of Canada’s Emission Reduction Plan initiative, we offer:

  • Customized Energy Study (Individual and / or Community-Owned buildings)

  • Provide / Implement recommended Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) to reduce energy consumptions

  • Identify available Provincial / Federal funding incentives which you’ve been qualified for

  • Investigate renewable energy opportunities within a community (both remote and grid-connected community)  

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